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Crisis Contract Analytics: Force Majeure/Pandemic Language
In the midst of the pandemic crisis, many health care organizations find themselves in the position of needing contract flexibility that does not exist within their agreements. As we begin to look forward to “new normal” and are preparing for a potential next wave of the virus, it’s critical to identify contracts that do not contain pandemic/force majeure language and get them amended. TractManager can quickly scan (in a week) your contracts to identify and provide a list of those contracts that do and do not contain pandemic and/or force majeure language. If you are interested, please contact your Client Results Executive or via email
WEBINAR: Population Health Post-Pandemic: Where to Next?
June 11th, 2020 —
June 11th, 2020 —
Through the lens of Population Health, Dr. Nash will address providers, highlighting telehealth, quality measurements, value-based payments, and the social determinants of health illuminated in the case demographics.
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Delegated Credentialing - Client Portal Message
To Delegate or Not to Delegate – That is the Credentialing Question
Discover the benefits of delegated credentialing, including faster provider onboarding and reimbursement, better member access to providers, and greater provider and patient satisfaction.
 • A 75% reduction in provider onboarding timeframes.
 • Control over provider data.
 • Faster member access.
 • Increased revenue streams.
 • More contracting leverage with managed care partners.
 • Enhanced brand integrity.
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TractManager is Now NCQA Accredited in Credentialing!
TractManager is the nation’s first Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) with an integrated Contract Lifecycle Management solution to achieve Credentialing Accreditation. Join Dr. Mark Kestner, Chief Medical Officer, and Anna Arutyunyan, VP of CVO, as they discuss our NCQA Accreditation in Credentialing and our comprehensive CVO program. They will discuss:
 • The significance of NCQA Accreditation and what it means to you.
 • The difference between delegated and non-delegated credentialing.
 • How to establish a delegated credentialing program.
 • Client success stories.
 • How our integrated Physician Contracting platform streamlines and expedites the entire onboarding process.
 • TractManager’s impact on the healthcare industry.
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The Process Revolution—Advancements in Healthcare Contracting Whitepaper
Our experts, Jeremy Clark, General Counsel, Kimberly Hartsfield, Chief Data Officer, and Patrick Flynn, Chief Technology Officer outline “The Process Revolution—Advancements in Healthcare Contracting” in this new white paper! Download it now to learn more!
New Capital Market Intelligence Free Trial
Announcing the new Capital Market Intelligence! The new and improved Capital includes:
 • The most extensive database of real-time healthcare technology benchmarks available.
 • Value-added services: disposition and pay-for-performance negotiations.
 • Access to evidence-based clinical research to support capital planning and budgeting processes.
 • An intuitive new interface featuring powerful dashboard reporting capabilities.
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The Comprehensive Safe Start Whitepaper
The Comprehensive Safe Start is a structured framework that facilitates a true 360-degree view, embracing evidence-based clinical assessment, financial metrics, clinical effectiveness, and infrastructural capacity. Download this white paper, which provides an overview of Comprehensive Safe Start by detailing the four components—Subject, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation—of any successful application of this approach. By adhering to these principles, healthcare providers can achieve measurable improvements in patient outcomes and satisfaction, cost of care, and clinician engagement.
The Top 10 Negotiation Strategies Whitepaper
In this white paper, seasoned contract negotiator Aimee Jackson distills the top ten tactics she relies upon to arm purchasing, finance, and operations departments with the confidence and skill needed to tilt every contract negotiation in their favor. Download it here and see how focusing on proven techniques that encourage optimism, long-term partnerships, and a focus on the bigger picture helps contract negotiators avoid investing unnecessary time and effort in unproductive relationships and tilt every negotiation in their favor.
Total Value Management White Paper: The Evolution of Value Analysis
This white paper explains how health systems can mature from making event-based decisions to creating and sustaining a value-based culture of collaboration.
Download the white paper now.
Capital Planning White Paper
The Best Decisions Consider All of the Evidence: The Strategic Role of Clinical Evidence in Value-Based Healthcare Capital Planning,
is the first white paper in a series intended to help healthcare providers foster a more collaborative, informed, and strategic decision-making culture.
Download the white paper to learn more!
Business Associate Agreement Case Study & Sample Audit
The HHS Office of Civil Rights’ 2016 Phase 2 HIPAA Audit Program has stepped up its auditing of healthcare institutions and their use of Business Associate Agreements (BAA).
As a hospital administrator, if you can’t produce signed BAAs for each contract, you risk substantial monetary fines. On average, one noncompliant contract could result in a $31,000 fine.
Check out this case study and let us conduct a sample contract audit to see how we can identify vulnerabilities before you are faced with a real audit.
Electronic Signature Solution | DocuSign
The industry leader in electronic signature software, DocuSign® and MediTract, the healthcare industry's gold standard for contract lifecycle management, have partnered to deliver MediTract members a secure, legally-binding, and compliant electronic signature solution – one that also helps you get agreements completed and signed error-free in minutes, radically accelerating cycle time.
Is it time to change how your organization signs agreements?
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You can also call the MediTract Helpdesk at (866) 296-1270 for more information.