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symplr announced today that it will acquire TractManager. This powerful combination will deliver the healthcare industry's most complete end-to-end GRC software and services platform. Read the press release.
The Experts’ Guide to Healthcare Compliance
Read this guide, written by TractManager’s healthcare compliance experts, to understand and address five critical components of your compliance program:
 • Tracking provider time.
 • Identifying and reporting conflicts of interest.
 • Evaluating and managing vendors and associated compliance risks.
 • Using AI-powered contract analytics to identify any compliance concerns.

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MedApproved: TractManager’s Workflow Software
Discover how TractManager’s workflow software automates and simplifies the new product decision-making process. Powered by MedApproved, our software is a secure, cloud-based, easy-to-use workflow application that:
 • Automates and simplifies your decision-making process, helping you make the right decisions, faster.
 • Seamlessly integrates the clinical evidence and pricing data you need to evaluate products in a virtual environment.
 • Includes and connects the right people for better remote collaboration.
 • Connects all your locations and organizes your purchasing information into one workflow process.

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The 4 Ds of Provider Onboarding
Faster Onboarding Starts with Faster Contracting
Faster provider contracting speeds up the necessary downstream onboarding processes that allow providers to begin seeing patients and gain faster access to revenue. Learn how to decrease your provider contracting and onboarding timeframes.

Download Guide
Toward A High Reliability Organization
Download this white paper and learn how clinical and financial decision-support technology can help you meet The Joint Commission requirements for HRO.
Discover predictable, transparent decision-making for modern health systems.

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The AI Uprising: You Can’t Control Your Costs If You Can’t Control Your Contracts
TractManager’s experts Kimberly Hartsfield, Chief Data Officer, and Patrick Flynn, Chief Product Officer, discuss how AI-powered contract analytics can help you control costs by:
 • Quickly scanning thousands of contracts in days instead of weeks or months.
 • Providing a reliable view of your contracts and their impact on your organization.
 • Recognizing compliance risks such as missing Business Associate Agreements (BAAs).
 • Accurately tracking provider compensation to avoid hefty fines for regulatory violations.
 • Identifying potential lease agreements to comply with changing accounting standards.
 • Understanding your inherited contracts and risks during M&A Due Diligence.

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Accelerating Financial Recovery
TractManager is focused on helping you reduce the cost of care while delivering better outcomes.
TractManager combines strategic sourcing professionals, compelling clinical evidence, and ironclad processes and technology. The result? You write smaller checks while delivering exceptional patient care.
Within weeks, we can analyze your spend and hone in on the top 100 categories, vendors, and contracts that will impact millions of dollars in savings.
This 5-minute video could help you cut your collective spend in half. Watch it to see three real-life case studies.
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Crisis Contract Analytics: Force Majeure/Pandemic Language
In the midst of the pandemic crisis, many health care organizations find themselves in the position of needing contract flexibility that does not exist within their agreements. As we begin to look forward to “new normal” and are preparing for a potential next wave of the virus, it’s critical to identify contracts that do not contain pandemic/force majeure language and get them amended. TractManager can quickly scan (in a week) your contracts to identify and provide a list of those contracts that do and do not contain pandemic and/or force majeure language. If you are interested, please contact your Client Results Executive or via email
Measure It to Manage It: Beginning the Journey to Hospital Financial Wellness
While it may be difficult to focus on finances in the midst of this health crisis, it’s never been more important to do so. Trace Devanny, Chief Executive Officer, and Mark Kestner, MBA, MD, Chief Medical Officer, explain why the financial health of your healthcare organization needs to be your top priority.
This informative white paper outlines the necessary steps to improving your healthcare organization’s financial wellness by measuring and analyzing:
 • Supply chain spend.
 • Contract discrepancies.
 • Revenue cycle optimization opportunities.
 • Increase the accuracy, standardization, and completeness of provider data.
 • Compliance irregularities.
By examining your clinical, financial, and operational data, you can uncover opportunities to improve systems, processes, and your bottom line.
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Delegated Credentialing - Client Portal Message
To Delegate or Not to Delegate – That is the Credentialing Question
Discover the benefits of delegated credentialing, including faster provider onboarding and reimbursement, better member access to providers, and greater provider and patient satisfaction.
 • A 75% reduction in provider onboarding timeframes.
 • Control over provider data.
 • Faster member access.
 • Increased revenue streams.
 • More contracting leverage with managed care partners.
 • Enhanced brand integrity.
Download the White Paper